2017 BC. Provincial Championship (April/Stuart)

1st – Open Division
1st – Overall Team Score All Divisions

1st (Stuart) – Open Individual Score
1st (Stuart) – Overall Individual Score
3rd (April) – Open Individual Score
5th (April) – Overall Individual Score

*2017 B.C. Provincial Championship we both shot 308 Winchester rifles with 175gr projectiles at less than 2750 fps. We should have been in tactical class but due to an old rule that only factory fitted muzzle brakes were allowed we both got pushed into open class. So we just out shot all the 6mm open class people and won that.

2017 Rifleman’s Team Challenge (April/Stuart)

Feb 18/29 (April/Stuart) – Cold Bore Challenge

3rd – Tactical Division

Our very first rifleman’s team challenge event and first PRS style event for either of us. We had a lot of learning to do. First time trying to use a range finder, proving to be difficult. One of the other teams suggested a quick adjust tripod to help keep it steady, gonna pick one of those up.

April 8/9 (April/Stuart) – Karstetter Memorial Field Match

4th – Tactical Division

First match we had to use pistols in. Neither of us practice pistols, we need to get on that. Some of that stages really killed us and our range finder isn’t working worth shit.  The tripod doesn’t seem to be helping the range finder pick anything further up.

May 20/21 (April/Stuart) – Kettle Falls Match

5th – Tactical Division

We went up in points but fell in standings. 1st-3rd were just way further ahead of us. A lot of stages needed a tripod and ours is not stable. We need to upgrade our cheap aluminum tripod to a more sturdy one.  On the plus side we figured out our range finder issue, the range finder was defective. We sent it in and the manufacture sent us a new replacement because it wouldn’t range anything over 600m and the ranges they did get were wrong.

June 10/11 (April/Stuart) – Snipers Hide Cup

4th – Tactical Division

We went with some new idea’s and new gear….. and things went drastically wrong on the first day. Day one we had a lot of equipment and ammo feeding issues. We ended up 35th overall on side 1 day 1, I don’t know what that was for tactical class but it might have been last in class as I’m not sure who all were in tactical. We were in the bottom 25% overall not a place we were happy with.

After such a bad day one we decided to go “back to basics”, slow down, not try to get all the shots off, just concentrate on making hits and stop trying to use any of the new equipment. I also figured out my ammo feeding issue that I suffered from all of day 1, for the first time I marked rings on my brass to identify it (as many people do). The marker coating was sticking when feeding into the chamber and causing a lot of issues.

Side B we finished 2nd in Tactical class only 5 points behind the winner. The tactical winner got 179 we got 174, if you remove the pistol stage it was only 2 points 149 to 147 (we really need to practice pistols more). Figuring out our issues and going back to basics really paid off. Just proves the point, don’t try new things at a competition!

The SHC was a bad event for us on day 1, we had a lot of issues. But we didn’t give up, we went back to our hotel room, figured out our issues, talked about a plan of attack to get back on the competitive side, and we did just that. To me it was a big positive for us, we didn’t fall apart, it showed us we could regroup and figure out issues in the middle of an event.

2017 Rifleman’s Team Challenge Year End Standing –  (April/Stuart)

2017 – Year end – 5th place Tactical Division

Our first year competing in the USA in the PRS/Rifleman’s Challenge style events. We were not kitted out properly, missing a lot of standard equipment, and had a steep learning curve. We slowly added more equipment to out kit through the events. We only got a correctly working range finder for our last 2 events, we didn’t have any kestrel all year, our tripod setup was only ok’ish at the last event, as well as many other short comings and issues.

Great fun and we are working on getting ourselves set up better for the 2018 challenge. We are hoping to bot have mil-mil scopes so we can talk the same corrections and a kestrel would be nice to help keep our dopes correct as the day heats up, those first round hits are worth 3x the points of a 3rd round hit.

2017 Pacific North West PRS Points Events (April)

Running 308 Winchester

July 29th – NWPRL – Wenatchee (1 bag, 1 bipod event)
3rd (April) – Tactical Class
34th (April) – Overall

August 5th – NWPRL – Eatonville
22nd (April) – Overall (no class breakout)

August 26th – NWPRL – Wenatchee
1st (April) – Tactical Class
14th (April) – Overall

2016 BC. Provincial Championship (April/Stuart)

1st – Tactical Division
1st – Overall Team Score All Divisions

1st (Stuart) – Tactical Individual Score
1st (Stuart) – Overall Individual Score
4th (April) – Tactical Individual Score
6th (April) – Overall Individual Score

2016 Vancouver Island Precision Rifle October (April/Will)

1st – Tactical Division
1st – Overall Team Score All Divisions

1st (April) – Overall Individual Score
3rd (Will) – Overall Individual Score

2016 Vancouver Island Precision Rifle August (April/Stuart)

2nd – Tactical Division
2nd – Overall Team Score All Divisions

1st (April) – Overall Individual Score
6th (Stuart) – Overall Individual Score

*So close to winning the event. April had the highest individual points of the day but the team that won had the 2nd and 3rd highest individual scores and took the win by 7 points with their score being 1290 to us in 2nd at 1283

*No Division Breakout at this event

2015 BC. Provincial Championship (April/Stuart)

3rd – Overall Team Score All Divisions

4th (Stuart) – Overall Individual Score
11th (April) – Overall Individual Score

2014 BC. Provincial Championship (April/Stuart)

*First Tactical shooting event ever for both of us
*April first shot a rifle 9 month earlier

5th – Overall Team Score All Divisions

10th (Stuart) – Tactical Individual Score
17th (April) – Overall Individual Score

Rigs and Kit



Sako TRG22 

  • Completely Stock – bought used, 3rd owner was told round count “around 3,500”
  • Factory 308 Winchester barrel 1:11.25 twist
  • Factory Sako Bipod
  • Factory Sako Trigger
  • S&B PMii 5-25×56 P4
  • Spur TRG scope base/rings 1 piece
  • 2014 – 2015 I ran the 175 SMK
  • 2016 barrel was really really worn (easy 7k+ rounds) but couldn’t get a new barrel installed. I ran the 185 Lapua Scenar they grouped better with the worn barrel. Barrel was shooting about 1 MOA and would start tossing random rounds 1.5+moa out at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock after the first 3 rounds.


Same Sako TRG22 with;

  • New Bartien MTU 1:11.25 5R 26″ barrel in 308 Winchester
  • Jan/Feb 175 TMK @ 2730 fps but grouping was inconsistent
  • March-on 175 Berger OTM’s @ 2720fps, had to run 175’s under 2750fps to qualify for tactical class for the rifleman’s team challenge.

2018 (working on right now)

Same Sako TRG22 with;

  • Working on updates…..



Remington 700 LTR with;

  • Stock modified with ATRS mag wll
  • 24″ 5R Rock Creek Barrel
  • Timney Trigger
  • Leupold Base and Rings
  • Sightron 8-32×56
  • Harris Bipod


  • May – Added Insite Arms Heathen Muzzle Brake
  • June – Added Riflesticks Bipod adapter system


Working on new rig…. will update with details…


In 2014 Stuart and I randomly met at the local range, we started talking about rifles and the upcoming BC Precision Rifle Championship that was being advertised around. Neither of us had a shooting partner to enter the event with but were both interested and decided to try it together. Stuart had been shooting ever since he was a kid but never entered any competitions like this. April had just purchased and fired her first rifle ever in September, about 6 months earlier. Neither of us had ever seen one of these matches and had no idea what we were getting into.

We both enjoyed our go at the 2014 BC Championship, we didn’t bother the people at the top but we also didn’t completely suck. We did notice that a lot of teams had 1 very strong shooter and 1 very week shooter. Neither of us was exceptional strong or exceptional weak, and with that out team score had us come in at an extremely surprising 5th place. We now had shot an event and understood what the general COF for the BC precision rifle events would follow. We knew our weakest events (free hand, movers, off your partners shoulder) and we started to practice together.

More to come…

Pic’s And Such

BC Precision Rifle Championship


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