In 2014 Stuart and I randomly met at the local range, we started talking about rifles and the upcoming BC Precision Rifle Championship that was being advertised around. Neither of us had a shooting partner to enter the event with but were both interested and decided to try it together. Stuart had been shooting ever since he was a kid but never entered any competitions like this. April had just purchased and fired her first rifle ever in September, about 6 months earlier. Neither of us had ever seen one of these matches and had no idea what we were getting into.

We both enjoyed our go at the 2014 BC Championship, we didn’t bother the people at the top but we also didn’t completely suck. We did notice that a lot of teams had 1 very strong shooter and 1 very week shooter. Neither of us was exceptional strong or exceptional weak, and with that out team score had us come in at an extremely surprising 5th place. We now had shot an event and understood what the general COF for the BC precision rifle events would follow. We knew our weakest events (free hand, movers, off your partners shoulder) and we started to practice together.

More to come…